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elephant learning login

Here is the list of elephant learning login official portals in the given list below, you can visit these site for signup, register and login your account.

Last Updated: 18th February, 2020

1. Elephant Learning - Math Accelerator For Children

Added by: Faye Chaney


Elephant Learning - Math Accelerator For Children

Elephant learning has been a great addition to our home school curriculum. In less than three months my 9 year son old reached 11yr for his elephant age. My six year old daughter reached more than 8yrs old in elephant age and it become such a goal of theirs to do better they began to compete. I was ecstatic! My four year old is now begging to ...
2. Elephant Learning

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Elephant Learning

Learn 1 Year Of Math in 3 Months, Guaranteed. Automated Math Academy For Ages 2 & up.
3. QR Logins • Elephant Learning

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QR Logins • Elephant Learning

The QR Logins menu option allows you to print QR Codes that children can scan to quickly login. When scanned, the QR codes automatically log the device in and lock the device to the student that the QR code belongs to. The app will also hide the Manage Account option from the menu so that […]
4. Shared Logins • Elephant Learning

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Shared Logins • Elephant Learning

The Shared Logins screen allows you to create logins to your account for other family members. This is useful, for example, for grandparents, teachers, tutors, babysitters, and etc., so that children may gain access when they are not near their devices. To create a shared login…
5. Elephant e-learning - Postgraduate Medical E-Learning

Added by: T.E. Brown


Elephant e-learning - Postgraduate Medical E-Learning

Elephant E-learning is a platform based on Moodle with the purpose of sharing new knowledge in medicine. The courses mainly bases on new guidelines or peer-reviewed papers. If applicable, we will reference to those papers/guidelines. If you have any questions, …
6. Pricing • Elephant Learning

Added by: Frank R. Bowerman


Pricing • Elephant Learning

I've found that by having her focus on every other weekday using Elephant Learning, I can address her weaknesses on the days she's not doing the program. We've been using Elephant Learning for less than 3 months and she has jumped 2 years in her math scores! We will definitely continue supporting her curriculum using Elephant Learning.








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